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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

“Home Sick” is NOT the Same As “Vacation Day” !!!! (gack.)

So it’s spring break week. The entire point of spring break is to go out and have fun and relax right? Not for me. I get to spend my spring break making up all the exams that I missed. It sucks. I mean, what could I possibly need more than a week of rest and recuperation? (Well, other than a cure, of course.) Still, it makes sense to take them spread out over this break, since this way I can focus on just one exam at a time instead of trying to review the material for the makeup exam and learn the new information for the next one at the same time…

I’ve been working hard to try and keep people’s insensitive comments from getting to me. I really have. Sometimes I just can’t manage it though. This is a chat convo with a classmate from earlier today. The only thing I edited was to take out the names:

Classmate: hey! hows your break going?
Me: not too bad. trying to catch up on sleep – and exams i missed… hows yours been?
Classmate: ohhh, youre making up exams?
Me: yeah. missed a few when i was out sick, so im taking them over break. kinda sucks to be studying over break, but oh well…
Classmate: but you already got the days off that you were sick! so those were vacation days and these are class days! LOL!
Me: ummm, actually, i was home *sick* so those weren’t vacation days
Classmate: but vacation is for sleeping. and you slept on days you were home sick right? so that’s vacation.
Me: so you would say sleeping in on spring break day is the same as being sick with the flu?
Classmate: well, no, not for ME.. but you spend so many days in bed it’s the same thing right?

At that point I sent my classmate the link to the Spoon Theory, and said that I hoped it would help explain better. Who knows if my classmate will read it, but hey it was worth a try.  I feel like it was kind of a cop out versus explaining, but I was seeing red rage and I didn’t want to say something offensive that I’d regret. I guess maybe ill try to follow up on it again after break and try to explain myself. It’s hard enough to miss class without people thinking that I’m not here because I’m on vacation… 


  1. its nearly impossible to sensitize make these kind of people about what we go through...trust me..i have faced it too! during grad school i had to hear things like "while u were asleep in ur room". they dint care why i was in my room. and this is just one of the instances of innumerable insensitive things i used to get to hear.....
    its best to develop indifference towards these kind of people....they are worth our time....they are just classmates not friends.

    u take care of urself...and hope u do well in ur exams...
    my wishes....

  2. Hello, I just found your blog and I feel your pain. I'm also in school and it's very difficult trying to keep up when you don't feel good and are so exhausted. I'm also pregnant, so that adds to the difficulty level. Thank God my semester just ended and I can now relax for a little while.

  3. Shweta, not sure if you reposted or blogger's glitch worked itself out, but thanks for the supportive thoughts!

    Jennifer, welcome! Congrats on your pregnancy - and for finishing the semester!


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